What Can You Do To Fix AVI Codec Issue?

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave and it the most popular media file format use to save and retrieve videos. In the AVI file contains two streams one is video stream and other is audio stream, while playing the AVI file both the streams will flow respectively. It is necessary to listen audio according to the video as it makes easy to understand the video. Unfortunately there are chances of the audio and video streams getting damaged and cause codec error. Codec error means, when AVI file is played and due to corruption the audio stream and video stream will not play accordingly i.e. an audio is playing but not the video or vice versa.

AVI-RepairSuppose your AVI file is corrupted due to any reason, then activity will sadden you because there is no manual procedure to recover the corrupted AVI file. In order to repair AVI codec error you need to make use of any repairing software. In the current market the most popular tool to repair the corrupted AVI file is Repair DIVX software. This AVI codec repair software repairs the corrupted AVI file in hassle free manner, because it adopts read only technique i.e. the software will read the corrupted AVI file and creates a healthy AVI file without disturbing the original AVI file.

What are the scenarios that are responsible for the corruption of AVI file?

File header corruption: Header of the AVI file contains all the information of the AVI file such as name, size, extension and date of creation. If the header of AVI file gets corrupted then the file will become inaccessible or codec error.

Virus infection: Virus may associate with your system when you transfer any files from any virus infected devices or due to downloading files from any virus infected websites. If the virus intensity is high then the AVI file may get corrupted and couldn’t play properly or become inaccessible.

Unsupported media player: There are many media players that are available in the current market and every media player supports some limited video file formats to play. If you play the AVI file in any unsupported media player then there are chances of AVI file getting corrupted and make it inaccessible.

Other Reasons: Apart from the above mentioned reasons there are many other causes that are responsible for the corruption of AVI file. Some of them are due to improper transfer, abrupt shutdown during playing the AVI file, etc.

If your AVI file got corrupted due any of the above reasons than simply download and install Repair DIVX software. This software is incorporated with user friendly interface that enables users to repair the corrupted AVI file in few simple clicks. This software is applicable for different versions of Mac (Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Mountain Lion) and Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc) operating system. You will be provided with the demo version of this software for free of cost and by this free version you can easily repair the corrupted AVI file. Also you can preview the repaired AVI file and if you are satisfied with the delivered results then you can purchase the full version in order to save the repaired AVI files.