Software to Retrieve Files from NTFS Hard Drive

NTFS which stands for New Technology File System is a type of file system developed by Microsoft Inc. This file system is nowadays becoming more and more popular as it provides much faster access to data, security, reliability compared to older file systems such as FAT32, FAT16, etc. The NTFS provides faster accessibility to data because it does not use any file allocation table as it stores the information of file with the file itself unlike the FAT which stores the information of files in the file allocation table.

But even though, the NTFS provides good performance and security it is also prone to data loss due to unavoidable circumstances such as when user is trying to convert the file system of a particular hard drive the file system may get corrupted leading to inaccessibility of the data stored in it. Many a times, the user may get panic after committing such types of mistakes and constantly keeps worrying about NTFS hard drive recovery without even knowing that he can still recover NTFS hard drive data  by using some trusted and professional NTFS recovery tool such as Hard Drive Recovery Software.

Some known scenarios for the loss of the data from NTFS hard drive

  • The file system of the hard drive may get corrupted due to partitioning or re-partitioning errors.
  • Sometimes, the user may accidently format the NTFS hard drive which also leads to data loss.
  • If the NTFS hard drive is attacked with some severe viruses then it may lead to corruption or loss of data as the viruses may internally delete your essential data.
  • Sometimes, the data in the NTFS hard drive may get lost due to any sudden interruption while data transfer is going on from NTFS drive to another drive.
  • If an interruption occurs when user recovering files after system restore then the files may get lost.

How Hard Drive Recovery software helps in NTFS hard drive restoration?

The tool is equipped with highly efficient algorithms which will perform a thorough recovery scan on the NTFS hard drive and recover each and every bit of your precious data. The software is enabled with “Save Recovery Session” option which allows you to save the recovery process and you can later resume it whenever you want. The tool can not only be used to perform NTFS hard drive retrieval but can also be used to retrieve data from different types of file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, etc. The software can be used to recover data of different types such as images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, etc. The tool also comes in the free version where you can preview the recovered files, if you are satisfied with the results then you can save all the recovered files by activating the paid version. If you want to securely convert a file system of your HDD to NTFS without losing data, then you can refer this page.


  • Do not download the Hard Drive Recovery in the drive where you want to perform NTFS hard drive recovery as this may overwrite those lost data resulting in the permanent loss.
  • Avoid using unsecured NTFS drive recovery tool to perform NTFS hard drive restoration as these might lead to further corruption of your hard drive data.