How to recover data from failed spanned volume?

Spanned volume is one of the techniques for disk capacity management on Dynamic Disk. This is a physical disk which has some features were basic disks do not have. A dynamic disk always uses unknown database to track information about dynamic volumes on the disk and other dynamic disks on your system. Dynamic disk organization is a hard disk management method on Microsoft windows platform, which was first introduced with Windows 2000 operating system. A dynamic disk contains dynamic volumes, such as simple volumes, spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, and RAID-5 volumes. With this dynamic storage, you can perform disk and volume management without restarting Windows.

“Hi friends, am using spanned drive on over three physical drives. Suddenly today one of the disks showed it was not connected and other two disks showed ‘failed’ status on disk management utility. I think that one drive which was failed has caused entire spanned drive to fail; due to this some data loss may occur. Under this circumstance can anyone help me to know how to recover data on spanned volumes? Thanking you!


A spanned volume utilizes the free space on more than one physical hard disk to create a larger volume. The part of hard disk which is used to create the volume need not to be in a same size and also this spanned volume does not provides any additional speed benefits which increases the risk of catastrophic failure leading to data loss. On spanned volume if there is any failure involved on any disk will make your entire volume unavailable.

Creating spanned volume by using disk partition is one of the most complex process than creating a simple volume.  It is not possible to create spanned volume in single step, see how to create spanned volume on dynamic disk and the first thing you have to make sure is that the disks to be used are converted to dynamic. Then you can create a simple volume on the first disk of your spanned volume, later you can extend the volume to the second disk, and then add if any additional disks involved in the span.

The main advantage of spanned volume is to use unallocated space which has been created from imported hard drive or specific partition arrangements. If one of the drives contains failed spanned partition, then the entire partition gets fails and all your data present on the spanned drive gets lost or becomes inaccessible.

Some of the other cases for losing data from spanned drive include:

  • MBR and catalogue file corruption, which may result in inaccessibility of the files present on spanned partition
  • Formatting spanned drive accidentally without having backup of files will may lose entire data stored in it
  • While creating spanned partition without knowing some may delete existing partition on Windows computer
  • Also if software malfunction or logical variances may eventually result in loss of complete data from spanned hard drive

If you come across any of the above cases then use “Restore and Backup” function is included on Windows computer. But this will assist you only when you have created backup of files. So in such cases use this recovery tool to bring back your data from spanned volumes, for more info visit: