How Data Recovery from Corrupted Mobile SD Card Can Be Made Easy?

recover data from corrupted mobile sd cardIt is nicely said that “when it happens! It just happens”.

Most of the technical failure are truly as per above lines. Most of them we don`t know what is happening and why it is happening. Take the case of a mobile SD card.

Today SD cards are so widely used in mobile that most of us recognize SD cards based on their storage size irrespective of brand. We use them in all type of devices from mobile phones to digital cameras. And when a SD card stops working, we simply get a new one (they are cheaper also). But this time when your SD card stops working, wake yourself and think that the apps you downloaded, the games you saved and the collection of photos, music files you had; Can`t you get them back?

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SD card stops working mainly due to SD card corruption. Common situation is while transferring data if power turns off or somehow device shuts down, your memory card gets corrupted.

So let`s go deeper regarding SD card corruption and some possible tips.

Sometimes your memory card can be read by device but not accessible that means you can not open it to see the files. When you take out SD card during file transferring, SD cards file system information get scrambled. So you can mount again the SD card but the files cannot be visible.

That doesn`t mean you have lost your files. They remain intact. Follow this tip to view them again.

  • Connect the SD card via a card reader or adapter
  • Check if the SD card shows up on the Windows Explorer. It should be visible. Note down the drive letter and path.
  • Run the command prompt preferably with admin access. Type chkdsk: drive letter/r
  • Sit back and let the process complete. It will ask “to convert lost chains to files”, type “y” for yes.

At times your computer will prompt with messages like “Invalid file system”. This message indicates that Windows doesn`t recognizes the file system of SD card. There is no option other than FORMAT in this situation. However a format command will erase all your data. So recover data from corrupted mobile SD card before going further. How o format the drive, simply follow these steps;

  • Connect the SD card from your PC
  • Find the card in Windows explorer. Right click on the card icon and select FORMAT
  • Uncheck quick format, set the file system to FAT, FAT32 etc.. According to the compatibility.

If SD card is not readable by your computer then you will need to download the latest driver software from the manufacture site. Always make sure that you have latest and updated driver software recommended manufacture.

Keep in mind newer version of cards are SDHC (higher capacity). If you will try to insert in older version of card readers, it won`t be readable.

These steps should work unless your memory card is not physically damaged. In that case you always have option to buy a new SD card. Make sure you had backup of that SD card on regular interval. IF you are opting for a format, recover your SD card data by using SD card recovery tool.