Effective Way of Recovering Deleted Files

The world is changing quicker and faster, all the files which were once organized manually have adopted to the digital world now. Every information is stored inside digital storage devices like computer hard drive, external hard drive, USB pen drive, memory card, etc these days. In older days, the term files resembles paper documents but the digital space and the introduction of computer have moved things around. Now, files represent more attributes such as documents, pictures, audio, video, etc and these are kept safely inside digital storage devices

It is natural for people to store their important information or files inside their computer hard drive, so that it can be retrieved easily whenever they are in need of it. To preserve files people also makes use of other storage devices like external hard drive, USB pen drive, memory card. But the files which are kept inside any of the storage devices including hard drive cannot be considered as safe all the way through, as there are possibilities of loss of files from storage devices due to several reasons.

It is obvious that loss of important files from storage devices are something which user cannot tolerate. But in reality these files are not lost forever, it can be recovered easily but provided you react immediately after the loss of files from storage drives. Otherwise when you store new files, it will get overwritten and that leads to permanent loss. We have already mentioned, it is possible to recover files that are lost, so how do you think it is possible? We will come into that after going through the situations that have caused loss of files.

  • Deletion of files from storage devices: The files stored in the drive can get deleted by mistake while removing unwanted files from storage devices.
  • Formatting  When you format your storage device the entire files in the drive will be removed within no time.
  • Corruption of drive: If the storage drive gets corrupted due to severe viruses then all the files in the drive will become inaccessible. And in some cases, user will get format error message which prompts the user to format the drive.
  • Conversion of file system: While trying to convert the file system the drive, if any error occurs then this might damage the drive and which makes the files in the drive inaccessible.
  • Other related reasons: Defragmenting failure, formation of more number of bad sectors, deletion of files from Recycle Bin, improper shut down of the system, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons there are many other unpredictable reasons for loss of files from digital device. But what matters the most under these situations is, how to recover lost files from the drive? Manual methods to recover files won’t help in most cases. To recover files from the hard drive or any other storage devices, you will get plenty of third party tools. However, we recommend you to make use of My Undelete application to undelete files that are lost from storage devices.

My Undelete is designed for the purpose of recovering files from hard drive, USB drive, external hard drive, memory cards, etc. This software supports file recovery from Windows and Mac systems. This application facilitates the user to restart the recovery process whenever it is required by making use of the “save recovery session” feature. You can start the recovery process from where you have left before. My Undelete software allows the user to preview the recovered files before restoring it to any other drive.