Data Recovery After Quick Format of the Drive

“I need a help from you guys as I accidentally opt for quick format of the drive which resulted in loss of data from the drive. Within fraction of seconds, I lost entire data from the drive. From the time which I lost data, I started searching for an easy way to recover files from the drive. At any cost I need to perform recovery process as because the formatted drive contained vital files. Please can anybody let me know about the recovering method from the formatted drive? It will be highly appreciable”after-quick-format

Here it is! A solution for all your queries related to data loss issues from the drives after performing quick formatting. It is making use of reliable software like File Recovery, which is designed with strong algorithm capable of restoring lost files from the drive. This software has inbuilt features which can easily recover files after quick format of the drive. Most of the users get panic when they accidentally lost data from the drive by hitting format option, as in case you need not worry about the loss of files because this software can perform recovery of data from drive even after quick formatting of the drive.

Mainly there are two different options of formatting the drive. Before knowing these two options, it is much needed to know what formatting process effects the drive. Formatting drive will erases the entire data from the drive and makes the drive freely space of memory. Now while coming to the different options of formatting, one is Quick format and another is Full format. Quick format as well as Full format options both works for same things as to remove all files from the drives. But in real case, Quick Format option does not check for any bad sector on the drive while performing formatting the drive. It will directly format the drive but where as Full Format option looks for the bad sectors on the drive and performs formatting of the drive. When we compared to these two different cases of formatting drive, Full format option takes longer time than the quick format. Before knowing much more about this, let us discuss reasons behind quick format of the drive.

Reasons behind formatting the drive:

  • ‘Drive is not formatted’ is the error related to the file system error. When the file system of the drive is corrupted or damaged then this error get appear on the screen. When this error take place then data become inaccessible as the users not able to open the drive, so in this case user need to opt for formatting the drive which results in loss of all different files from the drive.
  • Sometimes users unintentionally may opt for the quick format option for the drive which results in loss of entire data from it.
  • When you are creating new division on the hard drive or changing the file system of partition may corrupt the drive data. At this moment users forcefully should opt for quick format.

Whatever the reason behind Quick Formatting of the drive, this recovering application helps you to recover lost files from the formatted drive and able to restore data on the different storage devices such as memory cards, USB, FireWire Drives, Pen Drives, etc. This software has strong scanning procedure which can scan the different drive like hard drives, Pen Drives, External Hard drive, etc. and restore data even after quick format of these drives with ease.