Reliable Solution for Fixing Outlook OST File

“Hi friends. Can anyone help me out in fixing damaged OST file? Cause it’s a crucial need to be repaired. Recently my OST file got corrupted while synchronizing it on exchange server. After this I was unable to access Outlook application, since it gives an error message while log in saying “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. The set of folders cannot be opened, operation failed!” This is the first time I am facing such issues. Any someone assist me how to fix OST file? Any remedy for this problem will be much respected. Thanks”

Fix OSTOST is abbreviated as offline storage table; it is one of type of Microsoft Outlook storage file. The main advantages of OST file is that it allows you to endure the work on Outlook even if the software is disengaged from Exchange Server or in offline mode. This feature allows you to scheduled appointments, compose new emails, read or delete existing mails, create contacts, assign tasks so on in offline mode. The change made by you are automatically gets synchronized with Exchange Server on internet connection. Actually, OST files are nothing but carbon copy from mailbox of Microsoft Exchange Server and are stockpiled on computer hard disk drive. Hence, damage or errors to Exchange Server does not affect OST file presented on your system hard drive.

Sources for OST file corruption / damage:

  • Inappropriate system shutdown:After completion of work, you should quit the Outlook properly by saving all your modifications to the OST file by clicking “Exit” or “Close” in menu item. However, if you rudely shut down the computer during OST files synchronization. Then chances are there that the offline storage table may get corrupted.
  • Database devastation:Suppose, if the Exchange mailbox database collapses due to network issues. As the result of this, as soon you connect to exchange server it synchronizes the data present in the computer with the server. This affects OST data.
  • Deletion of Outlook email account: Take this situation, if you delete your email account unknowingly or if your user mailbox gets deleted then, OST files becomes inaccessible.
  • Other causes: Your OST file may also get corrupted due to exchange server crash, bad sectors, Header File Corruption, operating system crash, email bombarding, hard drive failure so on.

All these above situations may be fixed using Outlook inbox repair tool called “Scanpst.exe” But, there are lot of possibilities while fixing Outlook OST file using this feature, may corrupt your file furthermore. Since, in not so reliable option to fix corrupted OST files. So, if you are thinking how to repair OST file with an error free application. Then choice this reliable “fix OST” utility.

Reasons to choose this software:

  • This tool is featured with advanced scanning options which scans and repairs the corrupted OST file in less amount of time.
  • It will never modify your original OST file, since it is a read only tool which, exacts a copy of the source file and then fixes it. This ensures safety of your original OST file.
  • Repair OST is the most trusted and reliable application recommended by industrial experts and single users.
  • This application supports repairing features on different Outlook versions like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.

Safe and Secure Way to Fix Outlook OST File

Microsoft Outlook is an email client application designed and developed by Microsoft Company. It is used to control the deluge of Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, tasks, journals, calendar entries, notes, etc. Due to this features it is mostly used by the people all around the world for communication purpose. Outlook mends with the extension of two files namely PST file and OST file.How to fix OST file

Personal storage table (PST) file is used to store the entire Outlook attributes. OST file is nothing but offline storage table file used by Microsoft Exchange Server to save offline work. It takes the copy of Outlook attributes so that the user can create, read or write mails, edit task, notes, etc. even if they are not linked to the internet server and it will be automatically synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server after internet connection. The main advantage of OST file is the user can access any information at the time when server is not responding. It is also used as a backup option in case if the PST file gets corrupted.

Sometimes user comes across the situation like corruption of OST files. This happens due to some unexpected reasons like abrupt shutdown, up gradation error, etc. At this time the user may get worried and thinks how to fix OST file? You can repair your damaged OST file and recover the Outlook attributes with the help of Fix OST software.

Some possible reasons behind the corruption of OST files:

  • When the user tries to open more emails at a time, the OST file gets crashed and lock MS Outlook. This results in abrupt system shutdown and cause corruption of OST files.
  • At the time of accessing the Outlook OST files, if any interruption occurs like network errors, etc. will lead to the corruption of OST file.
  • Repeated freezing of Outlook may also lead to the corruption of Outlook OST file. Due to this, no activities can be carried out on it and the user has to forcefully close the Outlook.
  • While Migrating Outlook application from older version to newer one, if any interruption occurs then it leads to the corruption of OST files.
  • Some other reasons which are responsible for the corruption of Outlook OST files are synchronizing errors, hardware issues, Outlook application crash, and compatibility issues so on.

Eminent features of Fix OST software:

  • This software is used to fix Outlook OST file on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.
  • This repair tool scans the damaged OST file very deeply and fixes it with in short span of time and also gives detailed knowledge about how to fix OST file.
  • This application is used to repair corrupted OST file on various versions of MS outlook such as Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000.
  • It easily fix Outlook OST file and recovers all Outlook emails, folders, contacts, notes, journal, appointments etc.
  • By its outstanding application it is used for fixing password protected and highly encrypted OST files.
  • This software is also used to repair damaged or corrupted OST files which cannot be repaired by using Scanpst software.
  • To get detailed information about how to fix Microsoft Outlook OST file, here’s more about the software.