Data Recovery After Quick Format of the Drive

“I need a help from you guys as I accidentally opt for quick format of the drive which resulted in loss of data from the drive. Within fraction of seconds, I lost entire data from the drive. From the time which I lost data, I started searching for an easy way to recover files from the drive. At any cost I need to perform recovery process as because the formatted drive contained vital files. Please can anybody let me know about the recovering method from the formatted drive? It will be highly appreciable”after-quick-format

Here it is! A solution for all your queries related to data loss issues from the drives after performing quick formatting. It is making use of reliable software like File Recovery, which is designed with strong algorithm capable of restoring lost files from the drive. This software has inbuilt features which can easily recover files after quick format of the drive. Most of the users get panic when they accidentally lost data from the drive by hitting format option, as in case you need not worry about the loss of files because this software can perform recovery of data from drive even after quick formatting of the drive.

Mainly there are two different options of formatting the drive. Before knowing these two options, it is much needed to know what formatting process effects the drive. Formatting drive will erases the entire data from the drive and makes the drive freely space of memory. Now while coming to the different options of formatting, one is Quick format and another is Full format. Quick format as well as Full format options both works for same things as to remove all files from the drives. But in real case, Quick Format option does not check for any bad sector on the drive while performing formatting the drive. It will directly format the drive but where as Full Format option looks for the bad sectors on the drive and performs formatting of the drive. When we compared to these two different cases of formatting drive, Full format option takes longer time than the quick format. Before knowing much more about this, let us discuss reasons behind quick format of the drive.

Reasons behind formatting the drive:

  • ‘Drive is not formatted’ is the error related to the file system error. When the file system of the drive is corrupted or damaged then this error get appear on the screen. When this error take place then data become inaccessible as the users not able to open the drive, so in this case user need to opt for formatting the drive which results in loss of all different files from the drive.
  • Sometimes users unintentionally may opt for the quick format option for the drive which results in loss of entire data from it.
  • When you are creating new division on the hard drive or changing the file system of partition may corrupt the drive data. At this moment users forcefully should opt for quick format.

Whatever the reason behind Quick Formatting of the drive, this recovering application helps you to recover lost files from the formatted drive and able to restore data on the different storage devices such as memory cards, USB, FireWire Drives, Pen Drives, etc. This software has strong scanning procedure which can scan the different drive like hard drives, Pen Drives, External Hard drive, etc. and restore data even after quick format of these drives with ease.

Method to Repair Microsoft Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is most largely used email application by using this user can arrange or manage all their emails and different types of attribute attached along with that such as meetings, calendar, contacts, task, to do list and more. User’s Outlook profile account data are get stored in a separate file named as PST (Personal Storage Table) file. It is becoming very popular among the users and for emailing purpose large number people prefer Microsoft Outlook application.

microsoft pst repair toolSometimes, user would find that MS Outlook refuses to open their account. This kind of situation occurs due to corruption of the Outlook PST file that is get stored in the system’s storage device. In such situation, user may look for the most reliable Microsoft PST repair tool for fixing corrupt PST file and get access to the Outlook profile account. There are some issues by which this amazing email client application failed to open or load all the data that are configured with this account or starts displaying an error message because of some internal or external factors. And, then Outlook stops performing completely or it work in improper way.

However, most IT experts recommend working with Outlook PST files whose size varies from 2 to 8 GB as there is less chance of occurring errors in the file. With the help of Microsoft PST Repair Tool, user can fix the damaged PST file which is created on all the Outlook versions like Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, and more. This tool efficiently repairs corrupt Outlook PST files without modifying the original file and hence it is a read only tool. Read on this article if you want to know more features of this program.

How Outlook PST files gets corrupted?

There are many situation for the Personal Storage Table (PST) archive files in MS Outlook get corrupted or damaged and prevent user from accessing to their Outlook profile account.

  • Outlook PST file may become inaccessible for the user due to accidental closure of Microsoft Outlook may corrupt the structure of PST file.
  • This happens quite often, an error might occur in the hard disk file system, and then in such case user should check for the file system and results in corruption of Outlook PST file.
  • User may also fail to access the Outlook account or get error by storing or saving PST file in the shared network folder.
  • On different version of Microsoft Outlook application, the maximum size of the PST file differs. For instance, in older version of Outlook if the size of the PST file exceeds the maximum size limit. Then, there is chance of corrupting the file. When user wants to access those large size PST file, it may get error message or Outlook program itself may not properly. List of maximum size limit of PST file on different Outlook versions are stated below:

                   Outlook 2000: PST files maximum size limit is 2 GB and it uses ANSI format.

                   Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007: The size limit of the PST file is 20 GB.

                   Outlook 2010 and 2013: PST file uses the Unicode format and the size limit is 50 GB.

  • When the system gets infected with severe viruses and worms, then it may damage the PST file stored in the storage device.

Guide to Photo Recovery from Broken SD Card on Windows and Mac

Have you ever lost pictures which you have captured with the help of high brand of digital camera then edited with the help of the photo editing software and modify it by spending a lot of time. It is terrible case I can say it because as your hard work may goes nil with the lost of pictures after spending valuable time on it. You may even feel frustrated and also may sit idle with tensed due to the lost of pictures. But now, it is not needed to sit calmly as the technology had made many changes in this world with their tremendous effort. They come up with reliable software known as Photo Recovery Software which can easily perform recovery session on the memory card on the different versions of Mac and Win operating system.

Photo Recovery Software is internally programmed in such a way that it can get back lost files in any case. This software has ability to perform quick action of memory card recovery and retrieve vital picture with simple and ease. You can operates this software in recovering lost pictures from the broken or formatted SD card even when you are connected these memory cards to the various operating system like Windows and Mac. It has preview option before downloading the full version which is available at demo version of the software which is absolutely free of cost.recover photos from broken sd card

Now let us consider one scenario in which this software is inevitable for recovering lost file from the SD card. Let us suppose when you are trying to access the files of your SD card. For some time it was fine but all of sudden, you find it that your SD card is working slowly to open each and every file that this storing device got slow in its working performance. The reason behind this is memory card corrupted and there are many different reasons for the corruption of SD card. When files of memory card get affected with harmful virus or any malware attacks then it may corrupt SD card. As many users’ likes to see device to perform their works in speed and less error while using it. So users may think of improving the performance of device.

Then it is needed to remove the virus from the memory card to make the card free from the attack of virus so to perform the speed action, you must fix the issue whatever the memory card is facing as it is needed to connect with the computer system. When you connect this storing device to the computer, sometime due to the corruption of memory card, error will display on the screen asking you format memory card in order to access the files of it and we technically refer as broken SD card. Then user may opt for format option for the memory card so that the affected files will get erased and there will be no virus anymore. Virus will get vanished including all files. Pictures, videos, games, application, audio, and many more files get lost due to the broken memory card. Let us see the special characteristics of this software and how this software is used to recover photos from broken SD card?

Procedure for using this Utility:

  • For evaluating the effectiveness of photo recovery from damaged SD Card using this tool, preview recover files which is available option on the demo version of this software.
  • Before downloading full version of Photo Recovery Software, get download the trial version of it at no cost and get benefited with the features of it like previewing, saving recovery session, and many more.
  • Get the full version and happily restore back lost picture files from the broken or dead SD card effortlessly.

Media Recovery Software to Restore Videos, Audios and Images

Have you ever been experienced the problem of deletion or loss of medial files?  such as deletion or loss of audio, video, images files, etc. from various storage devices like pen drives, hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, SD cards, etc. and desperately searching for a best and result oriented recovery tool. Then your search ends here because a recovery tool is already available in the market which is named as Media Recovery software. So it is better to make use of this software as soon as possible before the files get over written with some new files.Media recovery software

Most of the people think storage of media files (including memory cards, SD cards, pen drives, USB drives, and etc.) is safe for storing the files. But this is not applicable always because in some unexpected situations like accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, file transfer interruption etc. the files get deleted or lost from the storage devices. Don’t get panic if this type of situation occurs because you can easily retrieve your deleted media files with the help of Media Recovery software.

Reasons behind the deletion or loss of media files:

  • Accidental Deletion: In order to access some free space in the storage devices user may delete some unwanted media file. At that time they may accidentally delete some important media files by hitting Shift + Delete command. This results in the deletion of valuable media files.
  • Formatting the Drives: Formatting is nothing but wiping of all the data from the entire device. While accessing the media files from the various storage drives, if any sort of interruption occurs, then to continue the further process you have to format the storage devices. This results in the complete deletion of media files.
  • File Transfer Interruption: While transferring the media files from any external storage device to systems hard drive if any sort of disturbance occurs like power surges, sudden shutdown, improper ejection, etc. occurs, then it leads to the deletion or loss of files
  • Other Reasons: Some other causes responsible for the deletion or loss of media files are hardware issues, unintentional formatting, software conflicts, card reader error problems, etc.

Unique Features of Media Recovery Software:

This software supports recovery of deleted or lost media files on both OS such as Windows (including Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows server 2003 & serer 2008) and Mac operating system including 6 Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks & Yosemite. It consists of advanced scanning algorithm which has the capability to scan the entire device and restore the file very easily. This application recovers various types of files like audio, video, images and other digital media files. It is used for recovering lost or deleted media files from various storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, pen drives, etc. It will also recover lost or deleted media files from storage drives of various brand manufacturers like Transcend, Sony, SanDisk, etc. This tool easily restores RAW images from DLSR cameras. To know what this software truly recovers then try out it’s free demo version.

Perform File Too Large For Recycle Bin Recovery In Simple Way

“Hi friends, my laptop hard drive was running out of disk space so to free up the space and add new files, I decided to delete some unwanted files from my laptop. After deletion, I realized that I have accidentally deleted few files which are very important to me. So to restore that files I checked Recycle Bin and I was shocked, because the files which was deleted were not available in Recycle Bin folder. Can anyone say me why I cannot find those files in Recycle Bin folder and also suggest me a proper way to get back my files from my laptop? Thanks”

Every hard drive’s 10% of memory is assigned for Recycle Bin, so if you delete 10% of the data from entire hard drive, it will be stored in Recycle Bin and you can restore it any point. However, when you erase too large files which are beyond Recycle Bin’s holding capacity, you will get a message that the folder is too big for Recycle Bin. So taking precautions, you should delete individual files from that specific folder. But, many users do not follow this method and face whole folder loss. In such case you can undelete files too large for Recycle Bin using reliable file recovery software.

recycle binSituation where files do not save in Recycle Bin:

  • If you delete files using “Shift + Delete” command then files will not be stored in Recycle Bin
  • Deleting files from command prompt will force it to get deleted instantly without getting redirected to Recycle Bin
  • Deleting files from external storage devices
  • Removal of files from use of Antivirus tool
  • In case you disable saving option in Recycle Bin then files will be deleted directly without storing in Recycle Bin

The above mentioned scenarios also forces deleted files to bypass Recycle Bin on your system and remove them completely beyond manual recovery. Fortunately, deletion process can never cause removal of any files permanently from hard drive. It just removes index value and registry entries of those erased files which are not visible by the operating system. So, if you do not save any new data on hard drive when you come to know that there is deletion of too big files, then such files can be recovered by using a third party file recovery software.

Before deleting any files, it is recommended to keep backup of important data to an external hard drive or in any safe location of your computer. If you fail to backup your files then the file too large for recycle bin recovery can be performed by software called ‘undelete recycle bin’. Where this software efficiently scans and recovers deleted files which are too large for Recycle Bin. It displays each and every folder present in your computer so that you can choose whichever you want and restore files from it. It does not modify or alter any file present in your computer rather extracts information from it and retrieves required files back.

How to Disable System Integrity Protection?

El Capitan, the latest Mac OS X version is arrived with several features such as snapping windows (just like new Windows version), multi- touch gesture support to applications and many more. System Integrity Protection (SIP) is one of its features that requires close evaluation. As the name suggest, this technology is targeted for system security itself. It reduces the chances of unrestricted root level access by malicious programs. SIP targets all the protected directories including system folders, processes, and so on. Check this page, to know more information about this technology.

This concept will not allow a user to make changes in protected locations even though he/she is having root access privilege. Well, it can be considered as an advanced move from Mac, since any attempt to modify system resources will get denied immediately. It won’t allow the installation of an application which has at least some malicious nature.

Apple has listed certain paths and applications protected by SIP. It include the following.

Paths and applications protected by System Integrity Protection include:

  • /bin
  • /sbin
  • /System
  • /usr
  • pre-installed Apps

Some users can get irritated with several features of SIP just like restricting application installation. We can disable SIP temporarily. But even after disabling this, you can’t able to install a software again that has been flagged already.

How to Disable System Integrity Protection  

Step 1: Press “Command + R” keys to access Recovery partition on El Capitan.

Step 2: Select “Utilities” menu from Recovery Partition. From there, select “Terminal”.

Step 3: You have to enter the below command on Terminal and execute it.

csrutil disable

Step 4: After the command execution, close the Terminal and restart your machine. You can see SIP as disabled after restarting.

How Data Recovery from Corrupted Mobile SD Card Can Be Made Easy?

recover data from corrupted mobile sd cardIt is nicely said that “when it happens! It just happens”.

Most of the technical failure are truly as per above lines. Most of them we don`t know what is happening and why it is happening. Take the case of a mobile SD card.

Today SD cards are so widely used in mobile that most of us recognize SD cards based on their storage size irrespective of brand. We use them in all type of devices from mobile phones to digital cameras. And when a SD card stops working, we simply get a new one (they are cheaper also). But this time when your SD card stops working, wake yourself and think that the apps you downloaded, the games you saved and the collection of photos, music files you had; Can`t you get them back?

More on: data recovery from corrupted mobile SD card.

SD card stops working mainly due to SD card corruption. Common situation is while transferring data if power turns off or somehow device shuts down, your memory card gets corrupted.

So let`s go deeper regarding SD card corruption and some possible tips.

Sometimes your memory card can be read by device but not accessible that means you can not open it to see the files. When you take out SD card during file transferring, SD cards file system information get scrambled. So you can mount again the SD card but the files cannot be visible.

That doesn`t mean you have lost your files. They remain intact. Follow this tip to view them again.

  • Connect the SD card via a card reader or adapter
  • Check if the SD card shows up on the Windows Explorer. It should be visible. Note down the drive letter and path.
  • Run the command prompt preferably with admin access. Type chkdsk: drive letter/r
  • Sit back and let the process complete. It will ask “to convert lost chains to files”, type “y” for yes.

At times your computer will prompt with messages like “Invalid file system”. This message indicates that Windows doesn`t recognizes the file system of SD card. There is no option other than FORMAT in this situation. However a format command will erase all your data. So recover data from corrupted mobile SD card before going further. How o format the drive, simply follow these steps;

  • Connect the SD card from your PC
  • Find the card in Windows explorer. Right click on the card icon and select FORMAT
  • Uncheck quick format, set the file system to FAT, FAT32 etc.. According to the compatibility.

If SD card is not readable by your computer then you will need to download the latest driver software from the manufacture site. Always make sure that you have latest and updated driver software recommended manufacture.

Keep in mind newer version of cards are SDHC (higher capacity). If you will try to insert in older version of card readers, it won`t be readable.

These steps should work unless your memory card is not physically damaged. In that case you always have option to buy a new SD card. Make sure you had backup of that SD card on regular interval. IF you are opting for a format, recover your SD card data by using SD card recovery tool.

Solution to Perform Outlook PST File Recovery

Have you ever lost your PST with the result of that unable to access Outlook account? Lost account contains your crucial mail that you instantly needed. In this severe condition, it is possible to recuperate Outlook account by the application of Outlook PST Recovery tool that is extremely experienced in recovering lost or damaged PST file and additional you can access your Outlook account usually as you used before. In fact, the PST file is corrupted because of inappropriate handling by the user side. Many reasons exist that could result in corruption of PST file, including up-gradation Outlook application, improper Outlook termination, file system corruption, oversized PST file, virus infection, etc. You might loss PST file on account of encountering any one of them. After losing file from your side there is no need to believe that you cannot access them back. Now it is possible, you can make deployment of this Outlook PST Recovery software and effectively recuperate in short while. This application effectively restores emails from PST file easily. For complete idea about email recovery follow this link.

Some top features of this tool are:

  • With assistance to this tool, it is possible to bring back PST file, where scanpst.exe tool fails to fix.
  • This application is talented to recover PST emails as well as other attributes of Outlook including journals, calendar entries, contacts, meetings, tasks, appointments, notes, etc.
  • Outlook PST Recovery utility has straightforward GUI features which make the application easy feasible
  • With the aid of this tool, it is achievable to carry out revival on various versions of the Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010

Some popular factors behind PST corruption are:

Virus attack: PST file gets corrupted because of virus attack, once you connect your system to insecure channel or whenever you connect infectious external drive to the system. Such act may result in transfer of virus in your system. As, it happens, then there positively is chance of PST corruption, simply because virus is a computer software made to influence system intact data. PST file could be corrupted in a way.

Inappropriate Outlook termination: Terminating the running application in the meanwhile when it is accessing some data could make your file inaccessible for more usage. It is so when you are using Outlook application and in meanwhile, you terminate the application abruptly without following correct way, this might lead to corruption of the PST file and further you become not able to access your Outlook account.

Oversized PST file: Every version of the Outlook possesses its own PST file size limit, since the PST file exceeds its limited size, then it automatically goes for additional usage. Since it is corrupted, you become unable to access any of the Outlook attributes further.

Out of all conditions of PST corruption, it is achievable to recuperate PST file with no complexity. In case you one of them who have lost access to his Outlook account on account of corruption of the PST file, then you can certainly take advantage of Outlook PST Recovery program and efficiently restore PST file with complete functionality as an old PST file. For those who have lost individual items from Outlook account, then you can utilize this tool and successfully recover items deleted from Outlook. To know more about deletion item recovery from PST file, check it out:

How to Recover Files from Computer Hard Disk Drive?

Nowadays data loss from the computer hard drive is the major issue that occurs throughout the world. Most user are suffering a lot due to this, they are losing their precious data such as music files, text documents, PowerPoint presentation files, videos, Excel spread sheets, images and more. And most importantly users think that they cannot recover files from computer that has been lost or deleted. But the fact is somewhat different from what it really looks, can get back deleted data with the help of paid third party software.

Data can be lost in many situation such as unknowingly deleting using delete button or shift + delete, intrusion of viruses in the system etc. Losing important data will make you distress and unhappy suppose if user even don’t have any back up of those files then this can lead to horrible situation.recover files from computer

If you come across this kind of problem then no need to get panic, take a deep breath. Here is software stated as Computer File Recovery which makes you tension free and to overcome your horrible situation. Recover files from computer is now easy with the help of reliable recovery program. This tool can get back your deleted or lost data of various types stored in the system hard drive with ease. Check this out for more features of the Computer File Recovery Software.

In which scenarios this software comes into play:

  • This software helps you to get back data that has been deleted due to the use of delete option or by clicking on the empty recycle bin option which will erase all the files from the recycle bin.
  • Sometimes, after deleting files from the system hard disk, it won’t reside on the recycle bin. Because those file bypassed recycle bin. This application can also handle this type of situations.
  • If you are using unauthorized third party program it might erase your important data. Has some unrecognized tool may not be safe to edit the files
  • Another major scenario is happens when there is a intrusion of virus in your computer then it may corrupt the files making it inaccessible resulting in severe data loss.

This software is capable of restoring files from hard drives interface such as SATA/SCSI/IDE etc. It can easily recover files from computer hard disk that have formatted in various file system like NTFS, HFS, HFS+, NTFS5, ExtFAT, FAT16 AND FAT32 partitions. You can utilize Save Recovery Session feature of this tool by which you can resume your recovery process and you don’t have to rescan your hard drive once again. The restored data can be compressed in order to save disk space. It is well-suited with Windows XP, Leopard, Lion, Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Snow Leopard, Windows 8, Windows 2003 & 2007 servers operating system. It also offers safe and secure recovery process as it is free from virus. This software facilitates you with 24×7 customer support via live chat and E-mail applications.

File Recovery Software to Recover Files on Windows

“Hello, yesterday while working on my computer I have connected an external drive to this in order to perform formatting. But instead of formatting that drive, I accidentally formatted my hard drive partition which contained precious data. I have lost important documents, images files, and other data due to this formatting. Is there any way to overcome from the situation and data which I have lost is very important???”


The above mentioned situation is also a cause which happens because of formatting of hard drive. As a result, data which is present on drive may get lost. Due to this situation, you may lose all the saved data on that partition. Losing such huge amount of data can make you re-think about data protection. So what are you going to do in order to overcome the data loss or deletion??? You can perform computer hard disk recovery without any complex steps by using advanced software like file recovery software. By using this software, you will definitely come to know how to perform hard disk recovery in a simple manner.

  • Another major reason behind data loss of hard disk is failure in MBR. Master Boot Record is the sector of hard drive which keeps the information about the operating system and partition. MBR is one of the most essential parts for booting of operating system. If any problems or corruption to MBR can makes your system unbootable and causes errors. Finally it will leads to loss of data from your computer hard disk.
  • Hard disk can be unreachable due to file system damage also. A file system stores all the related information about the files. Suppose when file system is damaged because of various reasons like abrupt system shut down, etc then you are not allowed to access the data on the hard drive.
  • A hard drive header contains information regarding all the important data on hard disk. If header crashes, then operating system fails to read information from there and as a result you may not be able to access those data.
  • Improper shutdown of system may leads to data loss. Suppose you are working on the hard drive, system gets switched off suddenly. The next time you switches on your system, there is a possibility that your data to get lost.
  • Sometimes some laptops may hangs or stops working unusually when we are transferring data due to computer freezing, then the data may loss from your laptops.

Note: Always make backup for your data, use reliable anti-virus software which prevent your data from virus attacks, shutdown your computer in proper way.

Better solution to recover hard disk: It is most efficient computer hard disk recovery software which is completely capable of restoring lost or deleted data from your hard disk of various brands such as Toshiba, Sony, Dell, and Samsung, etc. The recovery tool comes with the strong scanning algorithm which helps to find 300+ kinds of file with the aid of their exclusive signatures on both Windows and Mac operating system. This tool also supports data recovery from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID 5 partitions. The tool can also restore data from formatted partitions, even after rebooting or even when the hard drive has crashed or does not boot. In addition, by using this powerful recovery tool, users are permitted to get data restoration from removable drives such as memory cards, USB flash drive, pen drives and portable hard drives in order to recover data from your computer hard disk you download the trial version and if you are okay with the recovery performance then you can buy license version.