About Apple’s Q1 2015 (High iPhone Sales)

The first quarter of fiscal 2015 reports regarding earnings of Apple, and the numbers for the holiday quarter are as usual and looking pretty good. The sales of iPhone are way up and for two thirds revenue of Apple it accounts. More modest are continued by the Macs but still impressive growth, while the sharpest year over year decline has been seen by the iPad.

apple-earnings-greenWith the profit of $18 billion, Apple broke quarterly records and in revenue it got $74.6 billion, but in Q1 of 2014 the profit was $13.1 billion and revenue was $57.6 billion. In the comparison, we can conclude that it has maintained a healthy profit of 39.9 percent.

The guidance for the quarter of the Apple is beat by these firmly results, between $63.5 billion and $66.5 billion the revenue was predicted and between 37.5 and 38.5 percent the profit margin was predicted.

In order to increase the revenues Apple has managed across the board in all territories and for the bulk of that revenue the Americas continue to account. However the fastest growing market in china is Apple, where the revenue increased from $9.5 billion to $16.14 billion and it was increased by 70% over a year ago. On the Chinese market the Apple is dealing with increasing focus and carriers that may appear off.

For the first time the full quarter was available for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, and when the supply of Apple simply began to catch up with the new phones demand.

In Q1 74.347 million units were sold by the company and in last year it was 54 million. $51.18 billion was generated by the iPhone for Apple in Q1 and total revenue was 68.61 percent.

Since late 2013 few new Macs have been released by the Apple, due to this Mac numbers are also impressing continuously. In Q1 of 2015 5.52 million Macs was sold by the company, from 4.84 million in last year, it was increased to a 14.05 percent at present. The Mac is the third-best selling product of the Apple by unit sales and continues to third largest piece of revenue pie of Apple.